embracing my Amateur status with pride

Anonymous said: May I ask how much you would charge? I could come off Anon if you want me to.

I don’t mind saying publicly but the price of each bonnet depends on how much extra you want me to put on it! I’m not really looking to make a business out of this (at least not right now) so I only charge what I have to buy in materials.

But for instance if it’s just plain with no cord or bling or anything it’ll only be about $15-20 but once you start adding bling, cord, and extra colors of yarn it starts to add up fast. For example, I bought about a yard and a half of medium sized rhinestones and it cost me about $40. Now granted, I’ll be able to trim two bonnets from that, but that still doubles the cost of the plain bonnet without even considering other additions.

Anonymous said: Wow, those bonnets are gorgeous! Would you consider selling some to me?

Thank you very much! I take a lot of time to try and make them as perfect as I can so I’m glad y’all like them!

I would be interested in selling them to you or anyone else who wants one but I’ve got a couple for friends/the equestrian team that I’ve committed to making first not to mention the one that I’ll be making for whoever wins the giveaway. Not that they really take much time to make, but now that I’m back at school (and this semester SUCKS) that still has to be my first priority.

Free Fly Bonnet Pattern

For shatteringthisreality

So like I said, I’ve altered this pattern pretty heavily to get to the one I use now, but this is the one that got me started! You might have to make a free account to download the pattern though

shatteringthisreality said: Wait do you actually crochet/ knit those? Where did you get the pattern?!

Yes I do! GIve me a sec and I’ll post the link to the original pattern that got me started. However, the pattern I use now has strayed pretty far from that original one, and other than a few basic shape and sizing stuff have pretty much made my own new pattern.

Anonymous said: Would you ship to canada if a Canadian won your giveaway?

YES thank you for bringing that up I knew I was forgetting something! I’ll ship to US or Canada I’m not sure I could swing international shipping though sorry


Guys guys guys I’m only 10 away from my first thousand!!!!! And I really want to do a giveaway for y’all but since I’m a poor college kid my options are a little limited. The only thing I think I could feasibly giveaway would be a fully custom fly bonnet made by me (if I do the giveaway I’ll post pictures of others I’ve done on that). Would that interest you guys at all?

but guys for real should this be a thing?